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How to pick a color of the laminate, windows and doors in accordance with the latest trends in interior design

When you are selecting colors for the floors, windows and doors, you should take into account the fact that cosmetic repairs are carried out more often, while good quality laminate flooring and doors will serve you reliably for decades. Therefore, the color of the laminate, as well as doors and windows must be selected so that it ideally combined with any new design solutions in the interior, including walls and ceiling of the room. How to choose the color of the above mentioned products, so that they blend harmoniously with the overall interior of the room?

Here are some tips from Toronto designers

There are some basic color palettes of natural wood used in the manufacturing of laminate flooring, interior doors, baseboards and windows:

  • 1. Neutral light beige scheme
  • Cold range of all shades of gray color – from milky white to smoky-gray
  • Warm yellow-red color palette
  • Black color of stained wood
  • White laminate flooring and doors
  • The combination of the two colors in the pattern of the laminate.

Tip from Toronto interior designers. If you do not know how to choose the color and the texture of the laminate and doors, it is necessary to take into account that glossy surfaces of these interior design elements give the room a shade of solemnity. So, glossy surfaces look bad in a bedroom and in an office, as well as other rooms, where it is supposed to maintain calm and comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to use products of matte texture for such premises.

Combination of color and texture of wood in interior design

Before you pick up the laminate to match the door, it is necessary to know some features of the wood colors combination in the interior. You can choose contrastingly different colors, while still observing the rules of color combination. Doors, windows, floor and furniture should correspond to one color scheme – warm or cold.

One more tip. It is important to observe color combination of laminate flooring and doors, as well as to make the right to choose of the baseboard’s color. If the door is of light shade, and the floor is selected in contrasting dark colored variant, you should prefer the baseboard of the same color as the doors have.

If it is too difficult for you to make a final decision, you should opt for a pastel beige or golden colors. These colors include such wood species as: light oak, light alder, honey birch, acacia and ash. Interior design elements of this color palette can be easily combined with any décor, walls and ceiling of the room.

Tip from our experts. It is important that the wood does not include a reddish hue, because it will be rather difficult to combine this color with various shades of walls and ceilings colors. Before picking up a door to match the laminate of reddish hue, you must be sure that the room decor will be performed in one color scheme and will remain unchangeable for quite a long time. Design elements of dark wood are combined badly with the reddish tint of the floor.

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