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How to Design Your Bathroom with an Illuminated Mirror in Mind

An illuminated mirror in your bathroom serves more than one purpose: aside from making it much easier for you to perform your daily grooming and hygiene functions, an illuminated mirror gives your bathroom an instantaneous style and appeal that makes it look more unique and dramatic as well.

But if you are planning to purchase an illuminated mirror for your bathroom, you also need to make sure that it complements your own bathroom’s style and design. It needs to mix well with your other bathroom fixtures and decor. However, with the right know-how and ideas, you can indeed transform your bathroom and make it look even more elegant than before.

Decorating your bathroom with an illuminated mirror

Determine your bathroom’s colour and theme
First of all, you have to determine your bathroom’s colour scheme. The good news with this is that illuminated mirrors fit in well with almost any colour scheme, so all you have to do is consider the existing wall or tile colouring, and the colour theme of your other bathroom fixtures and décor. If you feel like changing your bathroom’s existing colour and theme, neutral colours always go well with anything, but you can go the bold, bright colour route if you want to as well. Blue is good for a calming and relaxing feeling, and with the lights from your illuminated mirror, you have the right amount of contrast.

Choose furniture that presents a good contrast with the mirror
An illuminated mirror is already supposed to bring in ample lighting for your bathroom, so keep your furniture more muted and subtle. A modern design goes well with illuminated mirrors,      and geometric pieces are ideal. A little texture also goes a long way – for instance, you can choose to place a chair with a textured design in your bathroom. Use a colour palette to make your bathroom pieces go well together, and stay away from just one single colour, which may give your bathroom a dull, lifeless look.

Carefully determine the mirror’s placement
Where you place the mirror makes a big impact as well. In positioning the mirror, make sure that you can view it comfortably and do not have to crane your neck up or down when using it. Position the mirror at eye level, and make sure that it does not take up too much space (this is where you also need to be careful in choosing the mirror’s size). To accentuate the mirror even further, hide unsightly clutter or plumbing and organise your toiletries and other essentials in bins or baskets. This way, you can free up space and make sure your illuminated mirror is the bathroom’s focal point.

Make sure you are comfortable
Your bathroom is a place where you should be comfortable moving around in. This is where you do your personal grooming, so it is good to keep it well-organised at all times. Make sure you can move around freely and not feel cramped. If it is too cramped, then remove any unnecessary items or décor. The mirror should not be obstructed in any way, and you should have full access to it so you can comfortably check and groom yourself.

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