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If you’re a do-it-yourself fanatic like me, you know you need the right workspace. What you work on will dictate what you include in this workspace, but all of these areas have certain things in common.

No matter what your craft or intention, you’ll need an organized workspace that gives you easy access to what you need the most. I like to keep everything off the ground to allow me maximum space to move around. If I can have something hang from the ceiling, that’s my preference because it makes me feel like I have more space. I also like to build shelving high up. If I need a ladder to get to it, so be it. I also affix most of my tools to the walls so all I have on the floor is my workspace and a place to pace around and brainstorm. Organization is tremendously important for my mind flow and efficiency. If you are a painter, you’ll probably need an area that you dedicate for your canvases, and some natural light. I find that natural light really helps my ability to get inspired, so think of windows when designing your space and figuring how to organize.


Most DIY projects involve something sharp, something electric, or something you shouldn’t breathe in. If you’re unsure about the chemicals you use as solvents or adhesives, become familiar with them so you can take the appropriate precautions. Everything sharp that I use is covered with some manner of protection. Knives have cases, saws have guards, and I have work gloves. All of my electrical wires are clearly labeled and when possible, run around the perimeter of my workspace or along the ceiling. Wires become easily tangled, and dealing them could waste precious time and inspiration. I always use ear protection whenever I use power tools and I always use eye protection then I know there will be debris or sparks flying.  If you are looking for even more space, consider using american steel buildings.


Each of us require different tools and equipment for our do it yourself hobbies. If you’re just starting out a new hobby and you don’t know exactly what you’ll need to be the best that you can be, go to either drywall stilts or The DIY Outlet and peruse and search. You’ll find things you didn’t even know you needed, and you’ll discover exciting new ideas on how to complete your tasks. I like to work with wood a lot, and I often go to the internet for advice on how to tackle certain tasks. I believe that my next project is going to be designing and then building a coffee table that fits elegantly into a kind of awkward spot in my living room.

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