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Balance out timeless style and fleeting fashion to furnish your living room

Trends change every season guided by consumer behavior, purchasing patterns and the demography of consumers. And with increasing purchasing power coming into the hands of women, trends are largely dictated by what they desire.

After having followed fashion trends for years, and trying to keep up with the changes every few months, I have reached a point where I realize that developing my own style is more important and rewarding instead of blindly following every fashion trend being showcased on the ramp. I am not saying shun fashion trends completely, but trying to keep up with every season’s colour and style changes may be taxing on your pocket and your time too. And when it comes to remodelling the living room furniture, it is not feasible to change the pieces regularly.

One has to create a balance between timeless beauty and recurrent trends that keep coming back season after season. There are a few that never change – pastels and contrasting accent colors have always been a favorite with homeowners and interior designers, and people seem to be fond of different patterns and textures even on vintage furniture. Change the upholstery as and when you want it, and see the difference for yourself.

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Green furniture

The present decade has seen quite a bit of a shift in furniture choice, with environment-friendly options ruling the hearts of buyers. Warmer temperatures are a looming reality today, and people are more considerate towards buying green furniture than ever. Recycled materials, green options like bamboo are the current rage, and people are warming up to these trendy materials for furniture options.

Colour tones

Neutral shades have always been popular among home owners and interior designers alike, and this season it is no different either. A welcome addition is the shift towards a play with the accent colors, and an eccentric mix and match between contrasting shades. Use solid monochrome throw pillows and cushions on neutral shade mattresses and sofas to brighten up your living room. While this is a fashion trend, it is also here to stay. Different colors lend an eclectic look that can hold its own against the ephemeral fashion trends.

Furniture that serves different purposes

Living spaces in homes are getting shorter with larger pieces becoming redundant. Unless you live in a sprawling mansion, larger pieces aren’t going to serve the purpose anymore. Look for pieces that come with additional storage space. This reduces clutter and helps keep the living space streamlined and neat.

Use of metals and metallic colors

Shiny metals juxtaposed with natural materials create a cosy look, and it is definitely here to stay. Get accent pieces in metals like brass to keep the look simple but interesting. If you are not too keen on investing in the actual metal, you could try out metallic colors on the floor or as accent pieces on the side table to balance out the natural look in the rest of the room.

Vintage furniture

Timeless pieces look best in large spaces, but you can create a vintage look in smaller apartments too. Every piece of furniture in your room doesn’t have to be 30 years old to create the look. Mix it up with trendy colors and contemporary accent pieces like rugs and lampshades to bring about a timeless look that is firmly rooted in the present.

There are many ways you can do up your living room, and the remodelling doesn’t have to drain out your savings every time. A little mix and match goes a long way. A boring sofa or chair could instantly jazzed up with colorful upholstery, or a quick repaint. It’s all about dreaming up the look and finding cost effective ways to make it come true!

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