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Tips To Combat Water Damage Yourself

Water damages are a matter of grave concern to any homeowner. However, the sad truth is that the most homeowners are concerned about water damages there are only a handful of them to know how to tackle them. Here are a few things that might help you. Many owners are plagued by water damages after a flood thanks to flooded basement. If your basement is flooded, you need to first run the sump pump. If you do not have a sump pump, you can mop the floor of the basement manually. Once that is done, you need to use dehumidifiers and fans to dry your basement. Drying the basement might take up to 24 hours. Remove all the items in the basement that have become soggy and discard all the things you think cannot be sanitized properly later on. Scrub the floor of the basement using water and bleach mixture.

At times water damages are caused by toilet overflow as well. If the overflow of the toilet has been caused by drainage glitches, fixing it might not be that much of a problem. To fix the problem, you will first have to turn off the valve which supplies water to your toilet and then clean the drainage pipe with the help of a plunger. This must be done before the toilet is flushed so that water is forced through the clog and not air. Then the drain needs to be inserted with spring-end of toilet auger and then rotate it till it is fully inserted. The handle has to be turned to loosen all the clogged material. Then remove the auger. After that, flush the toilet.

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