Choosing a Sofa Bed that is Right for You

A sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture that offers both functionality and style. A great option for small living spaces, a sofa bed can go from comfy couch to cozy bed with the flip of a few cushions. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a sofa bed.

It is vital to have measurements of the space that the sofa bed will occupy. This will give you a good idea of what size to opt for, as sofa beds come in a wide range of sizes. From a chair sleeper to a sectional, there is a size to suit every space. Chair sleepers are great for a den or as an accent chair in the living room. These space savers usually hold a mattress that ranges in size from 39 to 58 inches and can sleep one person. Other options for smaller spaces include twin and full sleepers. If space is not an issue, and the primary purpose is to have an additional bed, consider a queen sofa sleeper or a sectional sofa sleeper.

As with standard sofas, sofa beds come with a choice of upholstery that includes leather, microfiber and fabric. Your choice should ideally reflect your style and complement your existing furniture. For a sofa bed that is likely to see high traffic, both as a bed and as a sofa, leather and microfiber are great choices. A leather sleeper sofa is durable, easy to maintain and makes a chic style statement. If you prefer fabric, look for one that has a tight weave and high thread count.

Mattress Types
The quality of a mattress depends on the brand. Ask your retailer about the mattress types that different brands offer. Most sofa sleepers come with a foam mattress and innerspring

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