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There is no way you are going to let your cute furry friend spend time on the cold floor right? Every pet owner knows that having pets in the house is signing up a deal to have pets on the couch and the bed, so, you probably have a plan for dealing with the fur. But, how do you ensure that you protect your furniture from your pets?

Pets are naturally playful and being naturally wild; scratching comes naturally. As a tutor for physics, how do you ensure that you safeguard your expensive furniture? You worked hard for that money anyway!

  1. Clean and wipe

The number one rule for protecting furniture is cleaning, even when you don’t have pets. Now that you have pets, you will have to work harder at cleaning. You should clean and vacuum your pet’s spot and the rest of the seat at least once in per week. You should also rotate the seat cushions to avoid wear and tear.

You can reduce mud from your playful dog by placing a mat on the door. You will have to train your dog to wipe their feet before they rush into the house. Fortunately, dogs learn fast, and you won’t have to deal with a big mess on the couch or the carpet.

  1. Cover up

Unless you have the money to reupholster furniture few months after purchase, or you just want to waste money, you should always cover furniture in all the areas accessible to your pet. This doesn’t just protect furniture but also simplify cleanup. Having an extra cover on the bed, kitchen floor and the couch will help keep your house clean too.

  1. Be proactive

The best way to protect your furniture and other assets is through curbing bad behavior before it happens. Being proactive ensures that you don’t struggle to make rules that don’t stick. Some of the tricks to being proactive include regular exercise to avoid boredom, keeping your pet engaged with toys, paying attention, giving space, and disciplining.  Ensure that you set rules and boundaries and follow them through. You are the adult in the relationship, so, be one.

  1. Stop your pet from scratching

Attention is one of the main reasons why cats scratch the back of chairs and other furniture. Other reasons include stretching their paws, marking their scent, or shedding the outer layer of the claws. On the other hand, dogs dig

To stop your cat from scratching even when their natural animal instincts kick in is by directing that energy in the positive direction. You can set up scratch posts and praise your cat when it scratches the scratching post, but admonish your cat when it scratches furniture. Cats learn fast.

For your dog, a comfortable bed with many layers will keep it busy and satisfy the need to dig.

  1. Get rid of pet odor

You will have to be more serious about housekeeping, removing pet odors twice a week. You will have to vacuum the house daily during the shedding months.

Lastly, you have to clean out pet stains as soon as you spot them.