Interior Decoration

Outfit Your Home for the Golden Years

As you get older and closer to retirement age, it is worth spending the time and a little bit of money to ensure that your living space is comfortable and optimized for your needs. Check out these ideas that can ease transitioning from the day-to-day grind into comfortable living.

Vertical Mobility

There are many options available to help with traversing stairs and walkways. A hillside trolley is a great addition to homes that are built on inclines or that are elevated above beaches or coves. Access to multiple levels of your property is only a push of a button away. There are also chair and rail lift systems that can be installed indoors to aid with interior staircases. Construct simple ramps leading up to doorways for painless entry. Make sure walkways have grip tape or non-slip surfaces on them to prevent slipping.

Exercise Equipment

A treadmill or stationary bike make excellent additions to a rec room. Maintaining mobility should be a daily concern for retirees, and being able to participate in workouts without leaving the house is an easy alternative to trekking to the gym. Dedicate a space for performing yoga or stretching. All you need is a mat and some relaxing music in order to flex those muscles. Free weights are low-profile pieces of gear which can help with upper body strength maintenance and come in a variety of densities to fit your needs.

Interior Comfort

There are several creature comforts for the rooms of your home that may serve you well in your later years. Consider purchasing a bed that has the ability to adjust to your preferred position. Some feature dual controls and heating elements. For the bathroom, a walk-in tub can save you from straining to step over the side to enter the water. Be proactive in preventing slip and fall injuries! Plan ahead and implement equipment to make your life easier.