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Interior Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

Interior ProjectsIf you have a creative streak, are adventurous and just like saving money, then chances are you are a born do-it-yourself person. In your father or even grandparent’s day, doing things yourself was a way of life. My father bought his home plans from Sears, for example, and built everything in his home himself, based on a series of home repair books he ordered through the mail. Sadly, those days are over.

Experts such as Charyn Pfeuffer, who was interviewed by MSN Living, suggests you can avoid the headaches, tragedy and expense of redoing a project by hiring a professional in six specific areas.

Major Structural Changes
If you do not know what load-bearing is, do not even think about tackling major structural changes in your home. Pfeuffer suggests projects such as a bathroom remodel or building a deck can be a major headache and safety concern if done incorrectly. The hassle of obtaining the right permits in and of itself is a major reason to consider hiring a professional.

Electrical Work
Do not even consider completing projects more complicated than changing a light switch or switching out an overhead fixture. The most obvious reason you should not tackle electrical jobs yourself is that if you make a mistake, you could seriously injure yourself or even die. Pfeuffer adds that many building departments and insurance policies require a permit for electrical work and you simply will not get one unless you are licensed.

While it seems tempting to take a sledge hammer and start whacking away at your walls to save money and let out pent up frustrations, doing your own demolition work exposes you to potentially dangerous fumes, live electrical wires, asbestos, gas pipes and water lines.

Adding Custom Flare
What is priceless and beautiful to you may be hideous and unsellable on the open market. Orren Pickell, an expert builder interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, advises that you save your money. A guitar shaped swimming pool is over the line, for example, but a few limestone columns could add value. Instead of tackling a quirky DIY project that could actually devalue your home, focus on adding new decorative items, such as those you can find at

Do it Yourself Plumbing
Unless you are a plumber, doing your own major plumbing can be dangerous, costly and ineffective. Focus on smaller projects, such as switching out a shower head, and avoid larger scale projects, such as putting in a new bathtub.

Roof Repairs

If being on a high roof in a potentially slippery environment does not concern you, consider factors such as cleanup, structural damage that you can inadvertently cause and the cost of getting the job redone right after you sustain major water damage.

In today’s world, it is hard to imagine anyone having the time to learn how to build his own home from scratch let alone the know how. With strict building codes and more complicating construction, building your own home based on a limited knowledge base can be downright dangerous. Exercise caution to save yourself time, money and headaches.