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Five Designers Who Have Redefined the Coffee Table

Coffee TableRedecorating your home is never an actually easy task and it usually takes a lot of time only to inform yourself on the various trends and techniques you should be using in order to obtain the effect you want.

Your coffee table is the central piece in your living room and it is definitely one of the things you may want to change first, especially because it is very often used and it can look like it’s been “worn out”, but also because it will be one of the pieces that will attract the largest amount of attraction in your room.

Even though you may not be able to afford to purchase a designer coffee table you should definitely know about some of the greatest designers out there and about their true master pieces.

This will give you a bit of inspiration and it will allow you to open your mind to the possibilities.

Ricardo Garza
One of Ricardo Garza’s most famous coffee tables will amaze you with its simplicity, but also with the genius of its design. Basically, it looks like a normal coffee table but it can split and it has some interior storing space (which can be used for things such as magazines, for example).

The genius behind this coffee table is not necessarily given by the fact that it can be cracked apart, but that it cracks apart the way an Earthquake would crack the Earth. If you are into odd, yet great designs, this kind of coffee table could make for a great central piece in your living room.

Fabio Galeazzo
Fabio Galeazzo has also been inspired by nature when he created his “Urban Forest” coffee table. These coffee tables look like actual sections of tree trunks, but something about them makes them suitable for multiple types of room designs: from nature-inspired to urban-like.

Adam R Garcia
Adam R Garcia has created a coffee table that literally bears a great message. His “Bliss Table” is excellent because it is simple, great looking, serious, yet playful at the same time and because “Follow Our Bliss” is written on it in a very stylish way.

Dave Pickett
If you are an avid reader, then you will definitely love Dave Pickett’s “Nook Table”. This is a great central piece that actually makes a statement because it acts both as a coffee table and as a book shelf and it can be a great saver. However, its design is funky, urban and a bit on the futuristic edge, which will add a dash of style to the entire room, even if the rest of the furniture is very simplistic.

Sollo Brasil
If you like home décor ideas that are on the ethnic edge and if you like things that are handmade (or which at least appear to be handmade), then you will most likely love Sollo Brasil’s “Cheig Bench” as well. This longer coffee table looks excellent both in rooms that follow ethnic design ideas and in rooms that are decorated with modern items, which is precisely what makes it so great.

If this roll-call of illustrious examples has heightened your desire your own classy table, take a look at the Dunelm range: