Interior Decoration

Details Make the Difference In Home Decor

The old maxim says the devil is in the details; several people have been credited with revising that to “God is in the details.” Whichever phrase you favor, the principle certainly proves true when it comes to home décor.


Since the floor is literally the foundation for the rest of the room, it makes sense to put thought and care into choosing the best flooring you can afford. Hardwood is an excellent choice, offering warmth, beauty and timeless elegance. Choose a hardwood at least 5/8 inches thick, preferably one with a lifetime warranty. Look for something like the provenza old world flooring collection that includes the innovative detail of smoking the wood giving it a unique, rich patina.


Most people know that an accent wall adds dimension and interest to a room. The interior designers’ secret is to make the accent wall the one that will best highlight the room’s focal point. In the living room, this will be the wall behind the couch; in the bedroom, the one behind the bed. For maximum impact don’t just paint, add texture with wallpaper. Here, an embossed, fabric or bamboo wall covering adds an extra special touch.


There are four types of light in a home, natural light from windows and doors and the three you bring to the room. Ambient light is often lower wattage overhead light such as recessed ceiling lights. Task lighting illuminates areas used for specific jobs, like pendant lights over a kitchen island. Accent lighting is intended to draw attention to a particular feature of a space: artwork on a wall or a shelf displaying travel souvenirs. This third lighting type is often overlooked, but it is the detail that makes the difference between a mediocre room and one that truly shines.


Most people think of accessories as being throw pillows and decorative vases but thinking a bit more upscale will set your space apart. Fine art is a great way to add color and personality, and depending on what you buy, it can be a wise financial investment as well.