Interior Decoration

Changing Up Your Room Without Spending a Fortune

While you may love your home, it can get restless and tiresome to live in the same apartment for many years. You may feel the urge to tear everything down and give your home a complete makeover. However, that can be very costly and take a lot of time to complete. To give yourself a nice change of pace, start with making some small adjustments to your room.

Paint Your Room

If your room has been the same color for several years, it’s the perfect time to paint your room a new color. If your room is a childish color like pink or blue, opt for a more mature look like beige or lavender. If you’re tired of your room’s bland colors, paint it red or cyan to spice things up. Look up “residential painting NYC” to find some painters to get the job done. If you’re not ready to commit to such a drastic transformation, paint some of your furniture instead. Dressers, bed frames and end tables can be easily painted into new colors or given color accents.

Get Some New Decorations

If your room has become bland to you, pick some fun decorations at your local furniture store. Buy some posters to add excitement to your wall. Pick out some flamingo string lights or a fun-shaped lamp to light up your room in a new way. If you have the space, add a new statement piece like a furry rug, beanbag chair or potted plant to your room.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, change the way you start your day by rearranging the room you wake up in. Change the direction that your bed is facing. Move furniture items over to one side of the room so that you have room for exercise and yoga. Move your mirror closer to your closet.

Once you make these slight adjustments, you will feel refreshed and motivated.