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Your Guide to Compressed Air Filters

When it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your industrial air compressor, you cannot ignore air filters. Compressors use ambient air, but ambient air is not without its problems.

The problem with compressed air is that it may contain contaminants. Without air filters, you end up dealing with intensified pollutants. The following are the types of filtration that you can expect from an air filter.

Aerosol Filtration

Aerosols are small droplets of liquid in your system. You can find these in oil-injected compressors. These aerosols come from lubricants or the oil that you use in the compressor. The problem with these aerosols is that they are harmful to the product. Likewise, they can pose a health risk for people. So a high quality filter, like Donaldson compressed air filters can help.

Particulate Filtration

The particulates in your compressed air system consist of several different things. These particles include:

  • Pollen
  • Dirt
  • Dust

In addition to the dirt and dust you might find in your system, you may also have metal particles from corrosion. These particles can end up damaging your product if you aren’t careful. This can lead to production issues, not to mention quality control problems. If you don’t have the right filtration, you could potentially damage your business with poor quality products.

Vapor Filtration

When it comes to your compressed air system, the vapors that you have to worry about involve liquids and lubricants. These liquids convert to gas and require a filter activated with carbon to remove them from the system. If you don’t have a proper air filter, lubricants and other fluids enter your system and may lead to compromised air quality and equipment failure.

When it comes to choosing the right filters for your air compressor, you have to consider what you use your compressor for. It’s crucial to have protection against all manner of contaminants.