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Which Hardwood Flooring to Choose

If you are planning to install hardwood flooring in your home then you need to understand the various kinds of hardwood floors and their uses. There are basically two types of hardwood floors the general and basic hardwood floor and the engineered hardwood floor.  These are also called solid and engineered hardwood floors.

  • Solid hardwood floors

You can opt for solid hardwood floors if you think that they will suit the needs of you homes the best. In the care of solid hardwood flooring, a single plank is used and extra lamination has to be implemented separately. The need for solid wood flooring these days is basically for the appearance and looks as they give a very natural feel to the house. You can choose alliance hardwood flooring Toronto too to check out the various solid flooring options which they have.

  • Engineered hardwood floors

In case of engineered hardwood floors you would be able to enjoy several advantages which you can avail to. Instead of one, two layers of wood are used. Engineered wood is also called composite wood and it’s mostly used in flooring but they can also be used in other different segments of the building.  These two layers are held together with industrially engineered adhesive which is very durable as well. The top layer is wood and the other layer or layers are made of sturdy and recyclable materials. These days, engineered wood is the most common type of flooring which has been popularized in most homes these days.  You should try out hardwood installations Toronto for best results.