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Upholstery cleaning and interior design

Due to the fact that we run a second generation carpet and floor cleaning company in San Luis Obispo, we usually end up blogging about carpet cleaning, however today we would like to talk about upholstery. We have noticed an interesting trend developing on california’s central coast. This trend involves people buying and hanging onto high end furniture for a long time. We love to see this because there is just no comparison between the cheap pieces produced today and many of the beautiful examples of craftsmanship that have been made in years past. Because of the fact that many people are buying better furniture and keeping it for longer we have found that we are requested to clean a lot of higher end upholstery. We figured it was time to a bit of blogging about it. Furniture and upholstery cleaning is different than carpet cleaning in a couple of different ways. It is the same as carpet cleaning in that the methods are either steam cleaning or VLM cleaning, however the methods used to accomplish them are a bit different. Steam cleaning for upholstery involves the same machine that is used for carpet cleaning or tile cleaning, however the pressure and vacuum are turned down substantially and the tool used is a small hand tool. The upholstery is pre treated with a gentle and effective cleaning agent and then agitated with a hand brush. After the treatment and agitation are complete we then begin the extraction process. This involves using water which is heated to 250 degrees to flush all of the soil and contaminents out of the upholstery. VLM cleaning of upholstery is a pretty unique process. We begin with a bucket of water and cleaning solution. We use a proprietary tool to agitate the solution whithin the bucket and then the foam that developes on the surface of the bucket is what we actually use to accomplish the cleaning. This foam is applied using a brush and worked into the upholstery. The piece of furniture is then lightly wetted from a distance and extracted using a hand tool. This allows us to remove the stains and soils that are present on the piece without using excess water. We refer to this process as dry foam cleaning. If you ever have any questions about upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, you can always reach us at the office or through the contact form on our website. carpet Wine Country Carpet Cleaning appreciates you taking the time to read this article.