Home Improvement

Three Investments That Can Help Sell Your House

If you’ve ever owned your own home, you know that home ownership isn’t the kind of thing you simply pay for once and forget about. Owning your own home is an ongoing relationship with your property that requires a serious commitment of both time and money. (And homeowners who don’t heed this advice are heading for some hefty repair bills down the road.)

The good news here is that there are plenty of home improvement projects that are more than capable of both improving your standard of living, and increasing the price you’ll get when you eventually put your home on the market.

The key to maximizing these projects is to focus on the ones that have a broad appeal and also help lower the overall operating expenses of your home. Improvements such as installing solar panels or new insulation would definitely fall into this category.

If you’ve been looking for a few projects to take on that will make life easier today and maybe put a few extra bucks in your pocket in the future, here are a few you might want to consider.

New Fencing
Exterior improvement fall under what realtors call, “curb appeal,” and are great for boosting the overall value of your home. One fairly easy improvement that falls into this category is a new fence around your property.

While it’s entirely possible to do this job on your own, we suggest finding a fencing company to do the work for you. With professionals on the job, you can be more or less assured that the job will be done correctly and that the fence will remain standing for many years to come.

If you don’t have a contractor in mind that you’d like to do the work, we’d suggest taking a look at well established fencing contractors like Stonehenge Fence that’s well established in your community.
Though we wouldn’t write off newer companies all together, we would suggest using them only for smaller jobs until you’ve really established their reliability.

Finished Basement
Another great improvement that adds major value to your home and is probably a lot less expensive than you might think is finishing off your basement. This project can go a long ways towards making your old house feel brand new and can even open up a new bedroom or two.

This is an especially good project to be looking at if you’ve got teenagers in your home. Young people like having their own space and a finished basement is the perfect way to give them (and you!) a bit of breathing room.

Of course potential buyers are always willing to pay a premium for houses with finished basements, and that can seriously boost the overall value of your home.

Go Green
Installing solar panels, low flow showerheads and improving existing insulation all fall under the general category of, “Green Improvements,” and can generally pay for themselves in a few years by way of lower utility bills. These types of improvements are also a great way of making an older home attractive to finicky buyers who are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest improvements.

No matter what kind of home you currently own, you can always find a few ways to improve its overall comfort and appeal. And the more improvements you make today, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to put the place on the market.