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The Perfect Exterior Lights To Add Charm To Your Home

Have you just built your dream home and are now installing the light fixtures to light up the new home? Well, home lights play a very important role and have functional as well as decoration value; choosing them right is very important. However, a mistake that most homeowners make is when they choose light fixtures for their homes; they forget to do the same for the exterior of their home. You need to understand that choosing exterior lights are equally important. The yard and areas surrounding your home must be well lit. It will improve the security of your home and will also highlight the landscaping features.


While choosing the exterior lights, you will first need to determine the intended function of the lights. The lights that will make it safer to walk around your yard and the lights that will deter trespassers are not the same. Similarly, the light fixtures that will extend your living space and allow you enjoy the nights outdoor is different from the light fixtures that will highlight the architectural landscape around your house. Secondly, you will have to determine how you can supply power to each of the light source. In case of most exterior lights, low voltage wiring is used to supply power.


Your third step will be to determine the energy requirement of each of the light fixtures that you choose. Different kind of lighting technology is used for different kind of exterior lighting and you need to be aware of this. Try to stay away from incandescent lights as they are not very energy efficient and can cost a lot; instead opt for fluorescent and halogen lights. However, if you are looking for the most efficient option, opt for LED lights. Fourth, take you pick from different types of light fixtures. For highlighting choose well lights or flood lights. For decoration, use down-lights and lanterns.