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The best quality marine carpeting

marine-carpeting0Wondering how to gauge whether the marine carpeting in your boat is of good quality or not? The first acid test is that is should’ve been able to resist the elements over a relatively long period of time. If yours is quite smelly and you want to get it changed but right now can’t afford one, don’t worry. You can always fix your carpeting by investing in some good quality marine adhesive materials. If you need one which is of good quality and a bit expensive, log on to as it features some of the best adhesive materials available.

Also be informed that a marine carpet is made of 100% Olefin and is backed by a rubberized material suitable for direct glue down installation. It is resistant to water, gas, and oil and are made of fibres that absorb less moisture, but instead resists it and dries up quickly.

Some of the major advantages of Olefin are its colourfastness and comfort, besides resistance to stains, fungus, scratch and sunlight. Although it is not easy to dye this material, it has the benefit of colourfastness, since it has a low melting point, a feature which makes fabrics to be thermally glued.


The fact that olefin is flexible to any weather conditions can be attributed to its strength. Its UV stabilised fibre ensures that the carpet doesn’t rapidly fade when exposed directly to sunlight. The durability of the carpeting also depends on the weight of its fibre and when it is placed in areas where lot of people trot around, it could get flattened.