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The Best National Plan and Development of Housing Policy

Developing a national housing policy appropriate to meet the following objectives.

To achieve the first maximum net additions to housing: establishing a national program sites and services and settlement upgrading projects for low-income groups, supporting a reduction in the average cost of all housing units, and recognizing the importance of the popular area of ​​contribution to the overall housing system performance through the end of the demolition activities against the occupiers, positive incentives to stimulate the self-construction and maintenance of adequate opportunities to gain the security of occupation.

2. The recognition of housing as an important contribution to national economic development.

3. Priority is given to urban housing in rural housing.

4th Priority to low-income groups, but the recognition of the need for countries to meet the needs

of all income groups.

5th Discourage the use of housing in the public sector programs.

Promoting the role of sixth public sector housing in the following areas:

a) Build: Mostly sites and services and housing for the update, and limit the complete construction of houses, new housing concepts, to take risks with the private sector does, and complete the construction until the private sector has the capacity ;

b) To finance: Encourage development of housing finance system for the entire country, providing the initial capital, and “serve as seed money” to support the housing and financial institutions to increase private savings;