Home Improvement

The Best Home Improvement Projects for all

Summer is traditionally thought of as a time to do home improvement projects, but the popular time of year means it’s harder to find a contractor and often more expensive. Even so, fall is just around the corner, and because many contractors see fewer jobs during this time of year, it could be a more affordable time to hire one. If you are interested in new projects around your house, check out this list of the best projects for fall for some ideas.

Remodel the Front Entryway

Whether you simply hire someone to paint the front door a new color, or you remodel the entire entryway, creating a new look for the front of your home adds curb appeal and can have a return on investment (ROI) of up to 140%. The best time to paint is when it is in the 50s during the daytime but not below 40 degrees at night, as this helps the paint adhere well. Other ways to change your entryway are to add new stairs or a front porch, install a completely new door (which also provides heating and cooling savings), or even just power wash the area to make it look brand new.

Renovate the Basement

Early fall is an excellent time to a basement renovation project. When you choose someone to do autumn home improvement Fairfax County VA, look for a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to frame the basement, install drywall, and paint it to your specifications. Whether you’re simply ensuring it’s weather-proof for the winter or you’re turning in into an entertainment hub for the family, your basement can take on a new life this season.

No matter what area of the home you choose to renovate this fall, be sure to hire a contractor who is licensed, insured, and hires only the most experienced workers. This helps to ensure your home and family are safe and your budget is respected.