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The Basics Of Room Conversion

It is a well known fact that most homes have one or two rooms that could serve any function necessary with a bit of conversion. Keeping that in mind, there are some basics of room conversion that need to be kept in mind before, during, and after the conversion that will make being proud of the work just a bit easier. In many homes space is at a premium, this means that every nook and cranny is used for one thing or another and there is little wiggle room. Taking in mind something like a cellar conversion by Basement2Rooms, there are a few basic tenants that should be taken into account. The first is that there is no way to make a space bigger save for knocking out walls or in the case of the cellar, digging out walls.

It is important to keep in mind with any conversion that the size constraints of any room are the biggest hurtle to cross. If home owners are happy with the size of the room for the purpose to which it is being converted, if they are not, there may be a problem. When choosing a room to convert it is important that the room chosen is the closest to the correct configuration of what it is being converted into. For example, it would be nearly impossible to make a cellar into a kitchen as it would be too small, too damp, and too far away from the other rooms of the home. After size is taken into account budget must be considered.

When planning out renovations for any room it is crucial that homeowners do not start a project that they do not have the funds to finish. If money is tight, try for a small conversion like paint and some new furniture rather than re-routing the entire water system to that room. Keeping the conversions simple and manageable is the most important thing to any conversion. On top of pricing and size constraints, the functionality of the room is also important. Try to avoid conversions that require a complete reconfiguration of the walls, floors, or any other major element of the room. Try choosing something like paint or moving in new furniture to help re-purpose a room. Trying to create an entirely new room that is well outside of the constraints that have been placed on it by the original builder is a recipe for disaster. Start out with simple re-purposing before moving on to major construction or destruction.