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Reduce the Time It Takes to Clean Your Pool

Pool cleaning is one chore that no one seems to enjoy or volunteer to get done. Take advantage of the latest pool cleaning technology with a handy automatic pool cleaner that gets the chore done without complaint. You can set it free in the pool and take care of other business as it cleans.

What is an automatic pool cleaner?

An automatic pool cleaner is a device you can set loose in your pool and it will skim across the surface and pull in any debris it runs into. You can put the old nets up and let the automatic cleaner do all the work for you.

Does it have to be monitored?

You can turn the automatic pool cleaner loose and leave it to do the job it’s designed to handle well. You can set it up to clean the pool while you tackle other chores. It can be done every morning and will keep your filter system from clogging with leaves and insect debris.

Does it provide good results?

You’ll find that the automatic pool cleaner is as thorough as doing the job by hand. You can leave the cleaner in the water whenever the pool is not in use and provide an ultra clean water experience. Cleaning out the debris is a breeze.

The Perfect Tool for Busy Schedules

When your schedule doesn’t allow enough time to do some of the more detailed cleaning chores the automatic pool cleaner is a handy helper. You can set it loose in the pool and let it take care of the job for you. Relax poolside and sip an iced tea or head to the grocery store for a little shopping.

Freedome comes from all the tools available that free up time for other, more interesting activities. Check out the selection of automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh pool owners depend on to keep their water cleaner on a consistent basis.