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Projects You Should Not Be DIY-ing

RoofingBeing the man of the house may entail having to fix a few things from time to time. While some DIY projects can be done with some quick research on the Internet and a few minutes watching a video, there are those that cannot be learned in 10 minutes. For these major repairs, you’re better off calling in the professionals. Failure to do so may result in extensive damage to the home, personal injuries or even death. So, before grabbing your toolbox, take a few minutes to review these home repairs that should be left to the professionals.

Electrical Repairs
Any type of repair that would require electricity should be approached with caution. Changing a light bulb or installing a ceiling fan may be within your wheelhouse, but if you’re looking at a project that goes beyond a simple fixture, then you’re better off giving the professionals a call. An example of these dangerous activities includes replacing circuits. One wrong move can result in burning down your home. So, step away from the circuit breaker and let an electrician come to the rescue.

Structural Remodelling
While it may seem easy enough to take a heavy hammer and knock down a wall, one swing can endanger the integrity of your home. Leave any renovating that involves touching the property’s structure to experienced professionals. They would know what is possible to knock down and what should be left alone.

If you’re thinking of adding in windows, you can consult with window manufacturers about what you need to prepare before making a hole in a wall. Window manufacturers can also custom-make windows to fit existing structures in your home.

If you notice water seeping in from the ceiling, then you might need to replace some shingles or completely remodel your roof. But before you take a ladder and scale the wall, you’d better call in a professional like Precision Roofing the big guns. The risk of falling off your roof is extremely high, no matter how good you think your balance is. You might also not have the right tools needed to correctly repair roof damage. Call in the professionals and save yourself a trip to the hospital.

Plumbing Projects
You may have enough known-how to install a toilet or tighten a leaking tap, but for heavy-duty plumbing repairs, you’d better call a professional plumber for help. Big time projects like re-routing sewer pipes or extending hot water lines should be left to the people who have been trained to handle such activities. If you take it upon yourself to modify your plumbing system, then be ready to have an indoor pool. What started out as a simple fix may turn into a more expensive job.

Even if you find articles online or hear helpful suggestions from fellow DIY-ers, you should still stay away from these types of jobs. Unless you work as a contractor or plumber yourself, then you will most likely not have the right resources to handle these projects. Plus, your screwdriver and hammer may not be enough to fix any of these anyway. Stow away that pride and leave it to the professionals.