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Packing for Self Storage

Unlike packing for a normal relocation, packing for self storage is slightly more complicated. You need to consider the fact that the items you are storing needs to be protected from additional hazard such as moisture. To help you pack for self storage, we are going to discuss several simple tips in this article.

The first thing you need to do is understand the challenges you are dealing with. If you use a self storage Norwich facility, for example, you need to check if the storage unit has good air circulation, has a built-in or centralized climate control and whether it is equipped with sufficient weather sealing.

Once you know what you need to prepare for, it is time to get the right packing supplies. Use high quality moving boxes only; high quality boxes are reinforced and use thicker materials, which means you can stack them without worrying that it will break. The same approach should also be used when choosing paddings and other packing materials.

Moisture is a difficult challenge to deal with, but there are simple steps you can take in order to prevent it from turning into a serious problem. Add enough silica gel into the moving boxes you are using to prevent moisture from building up. Items packed using plastic bags must be perfectly sealed as well.