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Landscape Lighting Trends For 2014

As homeowners want style as much as function in their outdoor living spaces, the use of landscape lighting has really caught on over the past couple of years. People today are looking for attractive fixtures that look beautiful during the day, are glare-free at night and illuminate what they wish to showcase. The best outdoor lighting fixtures are made of quality materials such as die-cast aluminum, brass or high quality metal composites. Even copper is popular in spite of its high price as its oxidized surfaced acquires a patina that turns green over time.

If you’re thinking of giving your yard, garden or patio a big boost of style this coming new year, you probably are interested in knowing what landscape lighting trends will prevail in 2014. Here are the most popular landscape lighting choices many homeowners will be looking at in the new year.

Solar Powered Yard Lights
Energy-saving outdoor lights known as solar lights have really caught the attention of homeowners everywhere for the past several years. These lights which are powered by the sun have rapidly become the most popular type of yard and garden lighting. Because the sun’s power is used to charge the batteries used in these lights, you are bound to save yourself a whole lot of money on your electric bill if you were to install them. And, these lights are very earth-friendly as they make use of a natural, renewable source of energy making them very popular among homeowners who are eco-conscious.

One of the nicest things about solar outdoor lighting is that it comes in a wide variety of styles. It doesn’t matter if you prefer practical wall-mounted light fixtures, fence-top lighting or more whimsical illumination such as flickering butterflies or birds, you are sure to find exactly what you had in mind as the choices available in solar lighting are many.

LED Landscape Lighting
LED or light emitting diode lighting makes uses of semi-conductors which bond atoms with nearby diodes for power. These lights can produce a specific color without the need of a filter and are also able to emit an attractive white light. Homeowners are very fond of these lights for use outdoors because they are both attractive and long-lasting. In fact, LED outdoor lights can last at least four times as long as standard light bulbs and twice as long as CFL light bulbs.

The sky is the limit as far as style choices go with LED outdoor lights as today there are many designs to choose from. LED lighting is sure to remain a very popular choice among homeowners in 2014 and beyond as these lights are attractive, easy to install and extremely efficient.

In addition to solar and LED lights, low voltage lighting is becoming very popular among homeowners for several reasons. This type of lighting increases energy efficiency, is easy to install and does not pose a risk of electrical shock to children and animals.