Home Improvement

Improving Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Efficiency

The task of keeping your home comfortable in extreme temperatures can seem like an uphill battle. You get hair-raising humidity in the summer, bone-chilling drafts in the winter and unpredictable indoor conditions the rest of the year. Being in your home becomes less enjoyable, and you typically dread the long cold months when you would rather hibernate than engage in any activities. Something that all homes should have is good insulation. There are several different types to choose from, all of which can have a different impact on your home depending upon what kind of climate you live in. Most can be combined for maximum effect.

Cushion Your Nest With Fiberglass

The installation of insulation is an excellent way to block unwanted air and noise from entering your home. A Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation company will be able to help you assess what areas of your home are causing the most discomfort, test for air leaks and formulate a plan for getting your comfort level to where it should be. With current installation methods, the process is often quick and mess free.

Reflective Materials

Another commonly used insulation type is reflective. These sections of a foil-like substance are often used in warmer areas of the world because they direct heat away from living spaces. It can help to keep your house cooler and is often installed in upper-level areas of the home. Because they deflect hot air, they are not as beneficial for colder climates. 

Spray Foam

As the name implies, spray foam is applied by squirting a liquid into cracks and gaps. It then expands and hardens into a thick coating, which acts as a barrier to air, dirt, noise and pests. It can be used in new construction and existing structures and is best installed by professionals, as it does require precise injection and protective equipment in order to prevent damage to flooring and other interior surfaces.