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How to Use Density and Firmness to Pick a Foam Mattress

Foam bedding seemingly becomes more popular by the day, with people flocking to memory foam and latex foam mattresses, in addition to conventional foam and the always-popular foam toppers. But with decades of traditional mattress use, it can be hard to know what to look for in foam bedding once you’ve decided to make the switch.

Fortunately, there are only two characteristics you really need to familiarize yourself with to make the right choice. These two areas are density and firmness, and understanding these can help you pick out the product right for you.

Density is a value of quality and durability. It is reflective of the weight of a 12″ cubic block of foam, and the more weight possessed, the more physical foam performance product in the foam. The greater the density rating, the more durable a product is, on a linear scale. If you share your bed, or are a full-grown adult, you want greater density foam to help bear the weight for years to come.

Firmness is the feel of a mattress, measured by a compression testing system. Again, the scale is linear and higher values mean a higher firmness. If you like a hard bed, shoot for high firmness values.

It’s also important to know these two traits are independent of each other, meaning you can find foam with the right values for you in both categories. With this info, you should be equipped to find the mattress of your dreams!

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