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How To Choose the Right Light Bulb

Energy efficiency is on the minds of most consumers and businesses as it saves money. When choosing lights there are a variety of options available. There are different reasons to choose specific types of bulbs.


For the most efficient light bulbs, look into wholesale led bulbs Denver. The life expectancy of LED bulbs is 25 times longer than a standard incandescent. The energy usage needed is 75-80% more efficient. The average cost of an 800 lumens bulb is about $2.


Incandescent bulbs have seen an upgrade of the traditional look. Halogen bulbs are energy-saving incandescent bulbs that use lower wattage to emit light. Halogen gas surrounds the standard tungsten filament making them 25% more efficient. A 620 lumens halogen bulb costs about the same as an LED.


Connect your light bulb to the Wi-Fi with Smart bulbs. These are often LED light bulbs with the option of connecting to your wireless internet connection. These are more expensive options but give the owner options to set timers on when they turn on and off. Some are accessible outside the timer. These bulbs can run as much as $15 depending on the capabilities.


Compact fluorescents are the fun curly-q bulbs that once only gave you the option of bright, white light. Now, you can choose other color options including soft white and daylight. For about $3 for a 1600 lumens bulb, you can have the energy efficient CFL in your home that lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.


Ultimately, the bulb you choose depends on the type of fixtures you use and the emitted light you need. Not everyone wants to control all their lights via a Wi-Fi connection. Consider both the cost of the bulb and the life expectancy before making a decision. The right bulb can save you money and illuminate the area.