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Homeware: Defining a Home

A home is not just a collection of chairs and tables. It is even more than a series of ornaments. It is all of these things, from chosen cutlery to a style of furnishing. Homeware is the contemporary term for everything from stools to sofas, rugs, ornaments, kitchenware and more.

You homeware says a lot about you. Is it all mismatched because you bought it second hand? Maybe you are not interested in things and simply own what you need, or this is eco-fashion: you decided to reduce, re-use, and recycle.

What other angles are there? Are you interested in funky colours with names taken from flowers and vegetables, such as aubergine and begonia? Will you throw sequined cushions onto beds and sofas, or are your tastes more conservative? Maybe you are just practical.

Houses are sometimes littered with ornaments. They hang from walls and are placed carefully on tables at particular angles. Everything matches in some way, either by catching an accent from a set of curtains or by drawing from a particular colour of furnishing, but in various hues which play on the theme. You can find plenty to choose from at Mooch.

Many households are going for metal these days: metal tables, metal chairs, metal desks and more. They couple steel or aluminium with glass for a transparent and sleek look which some people find hard and cold, but others enjoy as minimalist. Cosy is also back: big, overstuffed chairs and chesterfield, for example.

In the kitchen, you will have noticed that your crocks, cups, and cutlery can look like animals and art if you like that sort of thing. They could be space-aged: anything to get the kids to eat their vegetables. Here, metal is also being used in versatile ways to make a simple jug take on an artistic event worthy of a gallery.