Home Improvement

Giving Your House Personality

Your house doesn’t truly become your home until you find ways to add your personality to it. This doesn’t mean that you need to call in the “Extreme Home Makeover” team. Look around garage sales, online sites and discount furniture stores to find these little elements you can add to your house to truly make it your home.

Add Art to Your Home

Whether you’re a creative person or not, adding art to your home is like a statement of your identity. It shows your taste and personality. Go a museum and see which pieces speak to you. Order copies of those pieces. You can also find some original art pieces online. If you’re not big fan of artwork, you can add decorative pieces to almost any piece of furniture. Find a decorative fire screen to add to your fireplace to give your guests something to admire while they’re staying in warm in the harsh winter weather. Replace your current bedframe with a custom decorative frame.

Incorporate Items From Your Past

Your memories are a big part of your identity. If you’ve saved items from your childhood or college days in a storage unit, use take some back to your current house and find some space for them. Reuse the dresser you’ve had ever since you were eight years old. Break out the lava lamp that your best friend bought you in college. The memories these items bring up will help you feel right at home.

Make Arrangements For Future Plans

If you’ve moved into your house with your partner, you might have some extra space. If you plan on owning pets or having children start planning out special spaces for them. Build a dog house in your backyard for your future puppy. Start buying baby furniture to place in a spare room.

Once you add these special touches to your house, it will officially feel like your home.