Home Improvement

Eight Ways to Improve the Entrance to Your Home

DoorwayThe entrance to your home plays the main role in the first impressions of your guests or potential buyers. Improving the way your entrance looks and works will make a big difference to your entire property. By making some simple improvements, you can find yourself feeling happier and more relaxed as you cross the threshold after a busy day and make sure your home is irresistible to everyone that visits.

Make It Impossible to Ignore
Begin by ensuring that your front door is easily accessible. Add a clear path and work hard to keep it clear all year round. Add further interest by planting up the flower beds or decorating with planted pots of fragrant herbs and flowers. If you don’t have green fingers, pick easy-to-care-for plants that are suited to the climate of your area.

Make the Entrance Pop
Replace the door with one that is colourful. PVCU doors come in all sorts of colours these days, but if you want to keep your door from Swish Doors a simple shade of white or brown, you can still make the entrance pop with colour. Pick pretty, colourful plants; add a welcoming doormat and attractive lighting to either side of the door.

Don’t Block the Doorway
You want people to be able to see how fabulous your home is as they walk past or park the car. The best way to do this is by keeping your trees, bushes, and shrubs trimmed all year round. Don’t let them spill over onto the path or block the view from the street.

Make Your Entrance Unique
Add some beautiful features that will make your home stand out. Always think quality when buying any accessories, plants, or other features. You could create a stunning tiled set of steps. Add a vintage-style seat or even a swing on the porch, something quite unique in the UK.

Improve the Architecture
Consult with an architect and improve the design of your home with some additional features. You could add an archway or porch area or simply make the door stand out by framing it with mouldings or columns. Make sure the additions fit in with the age and design of your home so they work well and don’t detract from the beauty of your property (or the value).

Use Symmetry
Homes always look better when design elements are symmetrical. Add two lights or two plant pots and think about the positioning of your house numbers and other accessories.

A Place to Settle
Adding a front porch is a great way to make a house more like a home. Provide a seating area where wellies and shoes can be discarded, coats can be removed, and umbrellas can be stored without messing up the hallway inside. A beautifully designed porch is also the perfect spot for relaxing with the Sunday morning papers with a cup of tea in hand.

Add Windows
Brighten up a dark interior by adding double-glazed windows. It will bring in more light and also improve the way your property looks from the outside.