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Carpentry – Where Should You Begin and What Starter Projects Should You Consider?

Carpentry is the craft of shaping, cutting, and installation of building materials during construction.
There are benefits that make carpentry awesome and rewarding like flexibility, good wages, a variety of job paths, and transferable skills. Would you like to get into the trade? Here is what you should know about professional carpentry and how you could craft some amazing wooden furniture.

Getting Started

There are no set required qualifications for entering the trade and carrying out on-site work, but one way to strengthen your chances is to demonstrate your abilities. You can do this by creating a portfolio and earn the qualification of NVQ Level 2 Carpentry.

Some equipment and tools that are considered essential for performing carpentry projects include tape measures, squares, power tools, hand tools, hammers, and levels so make sure you stock up.

Building a Backyard Lounge Chair

Building a simple chair will only take a few hours. Just mill the parts into the appropriate shape, and assemble. Before starting, be sure to look out for bows, twists, crooks, and cups that may be in your wood, though you can get away with slightly deformed boards. This is a great start to becoming a professional who can craft custom wooden furniture.

Building a Wooden Wagon

This is a project to make as a nice handmade gift for your children.
Construct the body, add a sturdy running gear, and attach the wheels and handle.

Build a storage box

There are three simple ways to build a box: using a rabber joint, box joint, or spline. Whichever method you use will decide whether the look of the box is more utilitarian or chic. This is an easy and great starter project for a first-time carpenter.

Build a Table for Two

This is a chic piece of furniture than can be made from scrap pieces of wood, which can save you money on materials. It is as simple as crafting the lumber supports and plywood surfaces.

Build a Draughts / Chess Board

The technique for constructing a chess board is similar to that of making a cutting board. You also have the choice of either buying the chess pieces or constructing them yourself. The method consists of cutting strips of wood and gluing them back together to make a chequered pattern.