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Basics of Timber Staircase Design

For centuries, timber has been used to make staircases all around the world. Modern timber staircases have evolved and are stronger, more durable and come in creative designs. If you would like a timber staircase from Staircase Parts built at your home, there are a number of things you should know before you choose a design.

Before you choose a staircase design, consider the type of furniture you have. You can match the stairs with the furniture in both design and pattern. Matching the timber staircase and the furniture will make the home beautiful, create harmony and can create an illusion of space if the home is congested. You should also go for a timber that is durable.

You should also learn some basics about staircase materials, their construction and installation. This will help know the right materials to order. You will also be able to explain your requirements to a carpenter more effectively. Understanding the basics of construction of staircases will also help you when negotiating the construction quote.

Like any other furniture, a timber staircase has to be given a particular finish. You can choose to have the staircase carpeted, painted, stained or French polished. The type of finish that you would like will affect the type of timber that should be used for your staircase. If you do not finish the newly installed staircase, it is likely to get scratches and therefore lose its beauty. With time, it will become weak and can end up breaking.

When you want a timber staircase installed at home, you should find a carpenter who is experienced in the type of staircase you would like. The carpenter should be able to bring to life you or your home designer’s staircase concepts. On your part, knowing the basics on construction of staircases and material used can help you articulate your preferences better to the carpenter.