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5 Things you don’t know about Garage Doors

Although, we live in a world with constant flow of information many people are not properly informed about overhead doors or they are completely ignorant about the way they work and maintained. Today, the condition of doors doesn’t affect the space of the garage solely, but the value and security of the entire house and that’s why the residential door service is valuable and necessary more than ever.

Can the garage door collapse all of a sudden?

It’s not a common phenomenon and there are actually only a few cases reported of collapsed overhead doors, but if it happens the repercussions will be terrible. If you want to prevent it, you must give gravity to the condition of the cables and use proper lubricant for the springs. Of course, the best preventive measure is calling a Houston garage doors service to inspect the condition of the parts and repair the damages.

Can someone copy the codes of a multicode remote?

Most probably, you are not the target of hackers, who are involved in global conspiracies and, practically, the potential of someone copying the codes of current remote controls is minimum to none. The greater danger doesn’t hide behind hidden hackers, but to your indifference to take care of them or forgetting them within your car or in shops.

Why some people prefer noisy garage door openers?

It may sound odd, but actually many people prefer the chain drive garage door openers in order to hear the garage operating. This way, they will know if an unauthorized person has entered their private premises or that their kids returned home safe and sound. Of course, if you don’t really need to hear the overhead door and your bedroom is exactly above the garage, you should prefer the belt drive opener, which is silent.

When do I have to replace the garage door parts?

There is not a general rule that applies to all overhead door parts. After all, each manufacturer sets its own rules and the life cycle of the components depends on many factors like the frequency the door is opening and closing, the weather conditions, the regularity of maintenance service and the quality of the door. You must make sure that important parts for the operation of the door, such as the opener, are replaced sooner than manufacturers suggest ensuring the stability and good performance of the door.

What is the best garage door material?

It would depend from your personal needs, the climate of the location, and your budget. Most people would be happy with the metallic garage, which can serve their requests without spending a lot of money, but there are people, who would gladly pay more to enjoy the insulating properties of wood door or the sunlight that comes through a glass door.