Top Five Tips for Selecting Antique Furniture

Antique FurnitureWooden furniture comes in different forms. There’s a type of wooden furniture made from hardwood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, and teak, and there is also wooden furniture made from soft wood, such as cedar, pine, and fir. Another form of furniture is made with engineered wood, or plywood, strips of wood which have been pasted together to form slabs used to make desks or bookshelves.

But there is another sub-category of wooden furniture which can fall under either hardwood or soft wood: antique wooden furniture. Antique wooden tables, chairs, desks, and other types of wooden furniture have always been popular for the simple reason that they are sturdy and have a unique appeal all their own. But the first thing you should know before purchasing antique furniture is that any piece can only be classified as antique furniture when it is more than 100 years old.

Following are the top five tips when you are on the market for antique furniture:

  1. Look for a good source

While there may be a few flea markets in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to find out where the reliable vintage or antique furniture suppliers are located. There are companies which specialize in antique furniture, where you can be assured that you are buying the real deal. The good news about these outlets is that they replenish and update their stocks regularly, and will travel all over to source items. Sometimes, you can even request for a piece or ask them to look for something that you want, and they will willingly do so.

  1. Find a solid piece of furniture with good construction

While antique furniture is often of good quality (better than some modern furniture, anyway), there may also be some pieces which are not up to par with the highest standards. This being said, look for antique furniture which is solidly constructed and has a good frame or ‘bones.’

  1. Scratches and dark patches add character

In new furniture, scratches and other markings are often a no-no. Not so with antique wooden furniture. If you are looking at a piece of furniture, such as farm tables, and you see a minor surface scratch, don’t be put off. Sometimes, markings like these add character and personality to a piece, which makes it all the more unique. You simply have to make sure that the furniture’s finishing complements the wood grain, and that the piece is sturdy and solid.

  1. If the shoe – or table – fits

Of course, when buying furniture, whether antique or not, it is recommended that you have a good idea of the space you have allocated for it. Measure the available space and bring these measurements with you when you shop so the furniture you choose is just the right size and scale.

  1. Look for furniture that complement each other

When choosing furniture, you should also consider your existing décor. Will the furniture you want fit in well with your present décor, or do you need to make some changes? If you do, make sure these changes are minor. It also pays to shop for different antique furniture pieces at the same time. For instance, if you are purchasing an antique farm table from a supplier like OGT Store, it might be a good idea to pair this with antique benches or a vintage mirror so you can be sure that you have at least a few pieces which go well together.