A Higher Standard for Hardwood Skids

Hardwood SkidsHardwood Skids Review written by: jorjemwa Hardwood skids can come in full, normal and the shy size. They are used basically for transporting heavy materials and products from place to place. The hardwood skids come with heavier bottom support runners and also thicker top platform boards. The pipeline skids can be used for racking, cribbing construction or even elevating pipes or pipelines used in construction. They are constructed using the hardest woods available. They are mostly made of oak, but others can also be oak-free depending on specifications made by the customer.

These hardwood skids are skillfully and carefully assembled from quality timber in mills. Hardwood pipeline skids are also cut into various sizes and lengths for various functions during production. Some are heat treated if required by customer or per the specifications made. So depending on your requirements and function, make specific adjustments or requests for your hardwood skids and get better results for your job or function.

Skids are just as important to a jobsite as any other crucial work site element. So don’t use scraps of wood that are broken, uneven, or not in the best condition. Hardwood skids from Quality Mat Company are made from the highest grade timbers. These are the same timbers used in the creation of Quality Mat Company’s world-famous construction mats.

Able to fill even the largest orders for construction matting, Quality Mat began to supply timber skids for cribbing construction and also for pipeline delivery. These hardwood skids are available from 4” to 4” up to 16” by 16”. This allows you to transport nearly any kind of cargo safely.

Dedicated to customer service and meeting the needs of our ever-growing client base, Quality Mat Company is proud to generate the best mats, skids, blocking, and timbers in the industry. Regardless of the great size or small nature of your next project, hardwood skids can be of great service.

Learning more about timbers, blocking, and hardwood skids is simple. Contact Quality Mat Company today at (800) 227-8159 or e-mail them at to get a custom quote on your hardwood skids and other accessories. We are confident that you will be ordering the best skids in the industry!