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Roofing materials for your concrete garage

RoofingThe material you choose for your roof on your concrete garage can have a huge impact on the way it works, the protection it gives and also the overall look of the building.

Today’s modern standard garages often feature a 5” heavy duty corrugate cement fibre roof sheet as this does not feature asbestos and offers a very strong and durable finish, with great looking properties too. These sheets also have great other benefits, being non combustible and they will not rust, corrode or rot over time. This is because they can breathe which eliminates a build up of internal moisture, negating the chance of condensation forming internally.

To achieve such great results, all the sheets are fitted into a pre-made and specially designed steel angle trusses system and are usually treated with bitumen paint, to prolong the lifespan of the roof. This type of roof is often finished in a slate grey finish, in-keeping with many homes across the world, but there are other alternatives available which include red, black, blue, brown and green to meet your requirements and desires.

Although this is the most popular and often the standard finish on garage roofs, it is by no means the only option. Another popular choice is the box profile design, which comes in an array of different styles to meet personal demands. The box profile plastic coated sheet is quite quick to apply and can be fitted with specific underlay if you are looking to prevent condensation or want to provide insulation into your garage. Adding insulation can be incredibly useful if your garage is going to become a space where you may entertain friends or as an additional bedroom when guests come to stay.

A second alternative way of jazzing up your roof could be to have a tile effect roof sheet, giving the idea that your roof is an authentic real tiled roof. This is popular for garages that are connected to the home, or if you want to reduce total expenditure but still have a roof that matches the design and colour of your house features.

Obviously the other alternative is a real concrete tiled roof which would perfectly match your home roof. These is a common choice on garages that are larger than the conventional one car garage, with many millionaires across the world having matching roof tiles on both their garage and their home, making it appear to be two houses from the road.

Finally, and a choice that is used a lot in commercial, industrial and even school garage roofing is the translucent roof sheet, which can be installed quickly. Although these are often very easy to fit, there have been problems with some safety and protection associated with translucent roof sheets, especially as you can see items that are inside the garage.

Whatever the desire and need for your garage a roof sheet can be made available and speaking to an expert, such as the team at http://www.dencroftgarages.co.uk/, can make sure you get a roof that meets all the necessary criteria. With so many choices available, making sure you have the right roof is very important.