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There is no way you are going to let your cute furry friend spend time on the cold floor right? Every pet owner knows that having pets in the house is signing up a deal to have pets on the couch and the bed, so, you probably have a plan for dealing with the fur. But, how do you ensure that you protect your furniture from your pets?

Pets are naturally playful and being naturally wild; scratching comes naturally. As a tutor for physics, how do you ensure that you safeguard your expensive furniture? You worked hard for that money anyway!

  1. Clean and wipe

The number one rule for protecting furniture is cleaning, even when you don’t have pets. Now that you have pets, you will have to work harder at cleaning. You should clean and vacuum your pet’s spot and the rest of the seat at least once in per week. You should also rotate the seat cushions to avoid wear and tear.

You can reduce mud from your playful dog by placing a mat on the door. You will have to train your dog to wipe their feet before they rush into the house. Fortunately, dogs learn fast, and you won’t have to deal with a big mess on the couch or the carpet.

  1. Cover up

Unless you have the money to reupholster furniture few months after purchase, or you just want to waste money, you should always cover furniture in all the areas accessible to your pet. This doesn’t just protect furniture but also simplify cleanup. Having an extra cover on the bed, kitchen floor and the couch will help keep your house clean too.

  1. Be proactive

The best way to protect your furniture and other assets is through curbing bad behavior before it happens. Being proactive ensures that you don’t struggle to make rules that don’t stick. Some of the tricks to being proactive include regular exercise to avoid boredom, keeping your pet engaged with toys, paying attention, giving space, and disciplining.  Ensure that you set rules and boundaries and follow them through. You are the adult in the relationship, so, be one.

  1. Stop your pet from scratching

Attention is one of the main reasons why cats scratch the back of chairs and other furniture. Other reasons include stretching their paws, marking their scent, or shedding the outer layer of the claws. On the other hand, dogs dig

To stop your cat from scratching even when their natural animal instincts kick in is by directing that energy in the positive direction. You can set up scratch posts and praise your cat when it scratches the scratching post, but admonish your cat when it scratches furniture. Cats learn fast.

For your dog, a comfortable bed with many layers will keep it busy and satisfy the need to dig.

  1. Get rid of pet odor

You will have to be more serious about housekeeping, removing pet odors twice a week. You will have to vacuum the house daily during the shedding months.

Lastly, you have to clean out pet stains as soon as you spot them.

design furnitureThe person who are interested to change the home interior in to modern style, there are numerous possibilities are now available in the market. Today home interior is the one of the most important and major process for all houses because home interior highlights the all the rooms in royal look. Home interior is completely depends upon the furniture items which includes TV stands, Sofas, Flower pot, lighting table, computer table etc. Likewise kitchen, bedrooms, dinning etc have separate style to enhance the rooms more attractively. Today, modern furniture items are very famous among the house owners because there are lots of innovative designs are available in the interior decoration. There are plenty of homes interior decorating companies are available in the market so you can choose the best companies for your new house. Online websites are giving best support to the house owners can able to choose the best furniture products quickly.

The details, product specifications, product features etc are available in the online service so the customer can choose the best alternatives to make the home more effectively. There are list of branded  furniture products are available in the shops so the house owners can easily choose the best quality design furniture according to the home interior design. Based on the painting and interior infrastructure there are plenty of latest furniture sets are now introduced in the market.  Each and every furniture products have separate description and details which helps the owners to maintain the furniture as per the instructions. The leading branded companies are now giving the warranty, services, free installation at the same time replacement of old furniture to new etc offer to the clients. In online web pages, there are lots of new designs and features are clearly specified in the websites. So, choose the best quality furniture products in online and save your money.

new furnitureThe person interested to purchase new furniture for their house must use the resources available on the internet properly. It will be helpful for the buyers to know about the best branded furniture available on the market at a fair price. The details provided on the web pages would be helpful for the people to get an idea about the best and reputed retailers dealing with furniture and other accessories for a building. The house owners should select the furniture that is suitable for the interior of their building. To get attractive furniture, one should find a reputed online retailer on the internet.

There are a number of furniture sellers available on the internet providing details about their product and its specialties. So, the buyers can get an idea about the furniture products and its usefulness before purchasing it. The details provided on the seller’s site would be helpful for the purchasers to know about the cost of the product and its usage. The description about the furniture set displayed on the web page of the online retailer would be helpful for the customers. The buyers should go through the description completely before placing their order for purchasing furniture.

It would be useful for the buyers to get an overview about the benefits of purchasing those products for their house. At the same time, the sellers were assisting the customers to select their furniture based on the interior of their house. Most of the online retailers were assisting the buyers to install the furniture in their house without any damages. The seller will send executives to the client’s house for installing the furniture for free of cost. To know about the specialties of the seller, one should follow a line of investigation on the internet. It would provide some assistance them to find the reputed furniture seller.

Hardwood SkidsHardwood Skids Review written by: jorjemwa Hardwood skids can come in full, normal and the shy size. They are used basically for transporting heavy materials and products from place to place. The hardwood skids come with heavier bottom support runners and also thicker top platform boards. The pipeline skids can be used for racking, cribbing construction or even elevating pipes or pipelines used in construction. They are constructed using the hardest woods available. They are mostly made of oak, but others can also be oak-free depending on specifications made by the customer.

These hardwood skids are skillfully and carefully assembled from quality timber in mills. Hardwood pipeline skids are also cut into various sizes and lengths for various functions during production. Some are heat treated if required by customer or per the specifications made. So depending on your requirements and function, make specific adjustments or requests for your hardwood skids and get better results for your job or function.

Skids are just as important to a jobsite as any other crucial work site element. So don’t use scraps of wood that are broken, uneven, or not in the best condition. Hardwood skids from Quality Mat Company are made from the highest grade timbers. These are the same timbers used in the creation of Quality Mat Company’s world-famous construction mats.

Able to fill even the largest orders for construction matting, Quality Mat began to supply timber skids for cribbing construction and also for pipeline delivery. These hardwood skids are available from 4” to 4” up to 16” by 16”. This allows you to transport nearly any kind of cargo safely.

Dedicated to customer service and meeting the needs of our ever-growing client base, Quality Mat Company is proud to generate the best mats, skids, blocking, and timbers in the industry. Regardless of the great size or small nature of your next project, hardwood skids can be of great service.

Learning more about timbers, blocking, and hardwood skids is simple. Contact Quality Mat Company today at (800) 227-8159 or e-mail them at to get a custom quote on your hardwood skids and other accessories. We are confident that you will be ordering the best skids in the industry!

Antique FurnitureWooden furniture comes in different forms. There’s a type of wooden furniture made from hardwood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, and teak, and there is also wooden furniture made from soft wood, such as cedar, pine, and fir. Another form of furniture is made with engineered wood, or plywood, strips of wood which have been pasted together to form slabs used to make desks or bookshelves.

But there is another sub-category of wooden furniture which can fall under either hardwood or soft wood: antique wooden furniture. Antique wooden tables, chairs, desks, and other types of wooden furniture have always been popular for the simple reason that they are sturdy and have a unique appeal all their own. But the first thing you should know before purchasing antique furniture is that any piece can only be classified as antique furniture when it is more than 100 years old.

Following are the top five tips when you are on the market for antique furniture:

  1. Look for a good source

While there may be a few flea markets in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to find out where the reliable vintage or antique furniture suppliers are located. There are companies which specialize in antique furniture, where you can be assured that you are buying the real deal. The good news about these outlets is that they replenish and update their stocks regularly, and will travel all over to source items. Sometimes, you can even request for a piece or ask them to look for something that you want, and they will willingly do so.

  1. Find a solid piece of furniture with good construction

While antique furniture is often of good quality (better than some modern furniture, anyway), there may also be some pieces which are not up to par with the highest standards. This being said, look for antique furniture which is solidly constructed and has a good frame or ‘bones.’

  1. Scratches and dark patches add character

In new furniture, scratches and other markings are often a no-no. Not so with antique wooden furniture. If you are looking at a piece of furniture, such as farm tables, and you see a minor surface scratch, don’t be put off. Sometimes, markings like these add character and personality to a piece, which makes it all the more unique. You simply have to make sure that the furniture’s finishing complements the wood grain, and that the piece is sturdy and solid.

  1. If the shoe – or table – fits

Of course, when buying furniture, whether antique or not, it is recommended that you have a good idea of the space you have allocated for it. Measure the available space and bring these measurements with you when you shop so the furniture you choose is just the right size and scale.

  1. Look for furniture that complement each other

When choosing furniture, you should also consider your existing décor. Will the furniture you want fit in well with your present décor, or do you need to make some changes? If you do, make sure these changes are minor. It also pays to shop for different antique furniture pieces at the same time. For instance, if you are purchasing an antique farm table from a supplier like OGT Store, it might be a good idea to pair this with antique benches or a vintage mirror so you can be sure that you have at least a few pieces which go well together.

As the weather warms up one of the most common elements a restaurant can add, is an outdoor dining area. These vary from small, two to three table porches through fifty plus people patios. As with everything else, this area is highly customizable. Below are some things to think about prior to breaking ground on your new outdoor addition.

Firstly is how much room you have available, a back parking lot that is never used for example could hold a lovely patio. Once you pick a spot that seems likely, think about the path from the kitchen to there, if there is a feasible path, it is time to choose the type of setting you will have.

If the building is off the ground you may want a porch type eating are, these verandas vary in size from less than 30 square feet to well over 800 square feet. Usually these are made of pressure treated wood. The choice of wood really does not make a difference, but be sure you choose something element treated and if you paint or stain because to consider fading due to UV radiation.

Buildings level with the ground should opt for a patio; these are typically brick or concrete. Much like verandas, the size is highly proportionate to the space you own. Be sure you use a reputable mason for this as there is nothing worse than a freshly poured concrete slab getting a huge ugly crack because the mason did not use proper drainage.

No matter which style you pick it is best to enclose the area with anything from a white picket fence to a low wrought iron garden fence. The purpose of this is to separate the area from whatever neighbors, or parking lot you may have. Be sure your restaurant tables have shade; invest in either umbrellas, or an awning for the outdoor area. No one wants to get sunburn while eating lunch. Bugs are another common problem. Citronella candles on each table can help alleviate this problem, as can certain sprays.

Outdoor areas need quality restaurant furniture as well, something heavier if you are in a windy area as well as UC resistant. Steel is a common choice as is wrought iron. It is best not to have padding on this furniture, as when it rains things will take longer to dry out. Most outdoor furniture does not require much maintenance, but it is important that you perform any that the manufacturer recommends to keep your outdoor area function and beautiful for many years to come.

Your home is your oasis away from the world. It’s important that you make it a place that is inviting and comforting. However, it’s also important that you make it a reflection of your personality and your unique style. When people enter your home, you want them to get a sense of who you are, and your space reflects that.


Your living room is one of the key rooms in your home, and it will welcome the most amount of people. Your sofa is a key component of your living room. By exploring some of the top styles, you can find the one that best suits your personal tastes and needs. Here are some of the top trends in sofas for you to consider for your living room:


Sleeper Sofas

(Image supplied by

Sleeper sofas are both stylish and functional. They aren’t the frumpy, old couches of your childhood. They come in all styles, colors and designs. You wouldn’t even know that many of them are sleepers unless you pulled out the mattress. Therefore, you can have a gorgeous sofa on which to sit and entertain guests during the day, as well as a comfortable place to sleep your guests at night.


Bright Colors

Browns, beiges and grays are traditional colors for sofas. Yet they are neutral and boring and leave much to be desired. The latest trends include bright, bold colors for sofas. Red, navy blue, orange and even yellow are very popular right now. If you choose a bright color for your couch, complement it with more neutral accessories so that it can be the stand out in the room.


Lots of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add even more comfort to your couch and can be beautiful accents to the design. You can choose pillows in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to create a unique look for your couch. Anytime you want to change the design, you can simply change out the pillows and create a whole new look.


If you are looking to redesign your living room, you’ll need to start with your couch, as it can influence the look of the whole room. Consider some of these top trends for sofas to find a look that best suits your personal style. You’ll create a space that feels warm and inviting and that feels like “you.”

Your living room is the place in your home where all your visitors come and take a look at your living style. This is the reason why people become spendthrift when it comes to buying living room furniture in UK. Have you ever tried to discover why your living room catches so much attention? There is a simple rule to make a perfect choice of living room furniture in UK- choose furniture that is comfortable and perfectly matches your life style and personality. Brand selection is also very important when you select your living room furniture.

Many people find it difficult to establish a healthy relation among comfort, style and personality. Here is a solution to this problem. Prioritize your desires and then finalize a furniture set. Same strategy you can adopt with selecting bedroom furniture sets. As different people have different views of different factors, prioritizing them undoubtedly results in time and cost saving.



You can also refer to various home décor magazines that help you aware of the current furniture trends. In addition, you will come to know various tips and tricks to keep your living room furniture untouched and shiny for years. Internet is also a great way to see advice of buying bedroom furniture sets. You will get an idea of the best brands that are available at an affordable rates.

sleeper-sofas0A queen sleeper sofa is really the perfect thing for some homes. Whether you’re going for a loveseat sleeper or a full sofa bed, there are a lot of benefits to having one of these things handy, benefits such as:

Turns Any Room into a Guest Room Okay, there may not be a ton of space in your one or two room apartment, but by keeping a sofa bed around in the living room, you always know what to do when your family comes to visit. By keeping a loveseat sleeper around, you know that you always have a place for friends and family to crash.

Saves a Lot of Space Many people who live in studio apartments use queen sleeper sofa beds so that they can keep a lot of extra space in the day and then unfold it and have a cozy bed to sleep in at night. A lot of people are downsizing to studio and one room apartments in recent years, and sofa sleepers are a tremendous help in saving space.

Convenience When Moving This is a smaller benefit, but worth mentioning nevertheless: A sofa and a bed in one means that you have one less piece of furniture to move the next time you’re rearranging your home or moving into a new place. Moving furniture is a pain, and simply by way of offering you one less mattress to haul up and down the stairs, sleeper sofas are great for people who live in smaller apartments.


We’ve really only just scratched the surface. Whether you want to give the kids a bed for sleepovers or keep it handy for the in-laws, a sofa bed is really a lot of fun, very convenient and very easy to use, not to mention they can be quite comfortable.

Antique furniture is like land – they’re not making any more of it. But unlike buying land, antique furniture is still within the reach of ordinary budgets and in a world of mass-produced, flat-packed home decor that is discarded in just a few years when it goes out of style or just falls apart, a hand-made piece that proudly shows the signs of centuries of use can set off a room – or an entire home – like nothing else.

Finding a piece that suits your life and your taste takes a little more work than browsing through the shops in a hurried afternoon but the world of antiques is not as fearsome or as exclusive as many people think.

The first thing to know, and the main thing to always remember, is to collect things that suit your taste, not items that are fashionable or trendy this season. Everyone can find something perfect for them, whether it is an ornately carved 200-year-old antique chest of drawers or a four-poster bed that reminds them of one their grandmother used to own. Once you know what you want to find, the thrill of the hunt becomes as exciting as actually finding what you are looking for.

To be a good antique shopper, you need a little bit of learning. If you are interested in a style of furniture, a certain period or even a particular maker or type of wood, it will then be easy and enjoyable for you to learn about those pieces, the methods of construction and what separates great pieces from merely good ones.

Remember, though, pictures can only tell you so much. They can’t capture the deep glow of hand-rubbed two-century-old mahogany or the patina of honest use that antiques carry. There is no substitute for seeing a piece in person, whether at a legitimate auction or in a reputable dealer’s showroom. Only there can you see the detail and care that has gone into making a piece and the equally fine work that experts may have used to restore it to its natural glory. An experienced dealer with a speciality in antique furniture, such as Driscolls Antiques  can not only show you the best in period pieces both on the Internet and in their showroom, but can also advise you on their care and upkeep.

Buying from an established dealer also gives you a guarantee that what you purchase is genuine – something that country auctions and boot sales do not, and something that is the biggest fear among new antique collectors – and also professional delivery and post-sale assistance.

An excellent antique often costs as much or just a little more than a much-poorer quality piece of furniture from a major chain. The fact that is has already stood up to scores of years of regular use is a testament to its quality, and unlike nearly every other purchase you can make, an antique does not start to lose value the minute you bring it home. A quality antique holds its value and often appreciates over time, all while you enjoy using and looking at it every day.